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Welcome to the PCUG Information Wiki

This wiki provides a place where PCUG members can share information with each other on a range of topics. These include:

  • current news and notices
  • information about the groups activities and opportunities for participation
  • various newsletters received from affiliated organisations and other sources
  • and a wide variety of technical IT related hints, help guides, howtos and tips contributed by members on a range of IT related topics of interest.

Using the Wiki

Contributions to the Wiki

This PCUG Information Wiki can be edited by any PCUG member using their normal PCUG/TIP username and password to login.
To do this, select the log in link at the top right of the page to login (a wiki account will be created automatically the first time you log in).
You are encouraged to contribute information, especially to the Activities_and_Opportunities and Technical Info sections, as this is very much in the spirit of the group's policy of Users Helping Users.
If you are new to contributing to wiki's, please see our guide to Getting Started Editing Wiki Pages. As this notes, any new page name will form part of the URL used to access it, so please keep your new page name brief and to the point (a few words) and avoid using any punctuation other than dashes, spaces, underscores or periods. Further useful links are provided in navigation Help page.
Contributions can range from small additions; to corrections and extensions to current pages; through to creating entirely new pages on relevant topics. For these, either edit an existing page, or add your new page into the relevant location on one of the main navigation pages.
If you wish to make other than minor, editorial, changes to key navigation pages, such as the Main Page or various pages immediately below it, please create a draft of your proposed changes on a new page, and then ask for this to be reviewed by the website committee. Please note that we do not wish to discourage such proposals, but because they can significantly affect the usability of the site for all, and because we have spent some time creating the current structure, we do wish to encourage discussion and trial of such changes first.

Viewing Wiki

You can use the Search box on the left hand side to find information, browse the site using the links below, or view the index of all pages.
Please note that a different skin is used when this wiki is viewed from a mobile device.

Overview of Information Management for PCUG & TIP

PCUG General Info

Authoritative information on the PCUG, its aims, activities, benefits, and publicity material, may be found on the main PCUG website (see PCUG Home link in navigation bar).

TIP (The Internet Project) Info

Information related specifically to accessing and using the PCUG's 'The Internet Project' (TIP) ISP Services are provided on the TIP Wiki

PCUG Info Wiki (this wiki) Members Informing Members

This wiki focuses on topics, with collaborative input from members for members!!